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We welcome new and existing members alike and would love to hear your views and feedback about the surgery and the services we provide.

Having carried out several patient surveys in the surgery it was decided in January 2010 the practice needed regular feedback and involvement from patients and carers to help maintain and improve services that the surgery provides.

The first patient group was held in April 2010 with a GP and the Surgery Patient Liaison Manager in attendance.

This meeting highlighted the fact that there was lack of information for the 'young persons' of the practice. It was agreed to provide a notice board directly aimed for young persons and this would be overseen by one of the younger receptionists, also a Student attending the meeting wrote an article for the practice quarterly newsletter.

The surgery was offered a 'Renal Support' group to be organised and funded by a patient who is qualified in this area.

A date was set for the Renal Support Group and this was followed by a further 3 meetings.

The meeting raised concerns regarding the increased time for prescription ordering and issues around the local chemist.

The next meeting would focus on 'prescription ordering and collecting.

July 2010

The meeting was attended by a GP, PLM and the local pharmacist.

The pharmacist explained various ordering systems of medication via the pharmacy. The practice agreed to work with the chemist closely to try and ensure patients receive their medication in a reasonable time.
The attendees at the meeting requested staff are encouraged to make themselves known to users of the practice by a) wearing name badges b) giving their name when using the telephone c) offering their name when patients need to call or come back to the surgery.

It was also suggested the staff have 'customer focused telephone training'. This was arranged in house and proved to be a positive training session.

October 2010

The meeting was attended by a GP and PLM. The meeting discussed the negative comments on NHS Choices website towards the surgery. The attendees at the meeting felt the comments did not reflect the true service the surgery provided.

The meeting also discussed the proposed new opening times – agreed would improve patient access.

The meeting also discussed the iPlato system, HIV and Chlamydia screening service now available at the surgery.

January 2011

The meeting was attended by a GP and PLM. The meeting discussed ways of advertising clinics and other changes to the surgery. It was agreed to take these comments back to the partners for further discussion.

The meeting discussed how the surgery would like patient involvement with the Patient Participation Group to help with improving service.

Two attendees offered to come to the surgery to help with non clinical work that needs to be carried out on a day to day basis. The volunteers were made aware of the Practice Confidentiality Protocol and were willing to sign the declaration.

July 2011

The meeting was attended by a GP and PLM. The surgery discussed the change of dealing with 'emergency patients' the meeting agreed these patients put a lot of strain on the service, however, the new triage system feed back was positive.

Patient confidentiality was discussed in depth and a proposal was put forward for the telephone area of reception to be cordoned off with clear windows. This recommendation was put to the partnership, agreed and the windows installed. Staff feed back was very positive on this move.

October 2011

The meeting was attended by a GP and the PLM. Feedback from the meeting was positive on the new window installation and the confidence in the practice on improving patient confidentiality.
The practice had held a 'health promotion' drop in session on a Saturday morning earlier in October. The feed back was positive, it was suggested more of these sessions be held and could they incorporate seasonal flu vaccinations and children's immunisations.

It was also discussed the lack of admin staff who are multi-lingual or from other ethnic backgrounds. It was pointed out that all recruitment at the surgery is carried out on merit of the individual candidate.

A suggestion was put forward that some PPG meetings are held in the evenings to allow those patients not available during the day to attend.

January 2012

The meeting was attended by a GP and PLM. The meeting focused on lack of information for patients. This issue had been raised at an earlier meeting and the Practice is in the process of building a Custom House Surgery Website where all relevant information could be found. The PLM would raise the issues of notices with the reception staff to keep the notice board updated.

It was requested a clock was placed in the waiting room for patient to access as it was noted patients are distracting staff by asking the time or questioning their arrival time.

Olympics – the PLM expressed concerns raised by the surgery and will do their up most to run a normal surgery through the Olympic period.

A diabetic patient and his Carer expressed their concern on the lack of diabetic support for Newham patients and asked if the surgery would arrange a support group meeting.

Note: this was fed back the to Partners – a support group meeting was held in March on a Saturday morning. Dr Toms from NUHT attended together with the practice Diabetic Lead – Dr Al-Shawk. The meeting exceeded 20 patients, consequently more of these sessions have been requested and are being looked into.

The way forward

The Practice is looking towards Patients leading the meetings, with the support of the Partners and PLM for both the PPG and Diabetic Support Group. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

The PPG is open for all patients of the surgery to attend and give their input. The surgery would like to emphasise these meetings are not for individual comments as these should be addressed following the Surgery Complaint/Suggestion Protocol.

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